We have great experience in our field.

Established in 1959, Vosemberg-Vretos Law Firm has kept a leading presence in the practice of Intellectual Property (IP) and has recently been put in the highest rank in the field.

Trademarks are worldwide considered as one of the most valuable assets of a company.

They are the company’s identity in the marketplace, playing a significant role in the creation and establishment of the company’s reputation in a national and worldwide level.

Vosemberg-Vretos Law Firm provides a full-range of trademark services to assist clients domestically and internationally in the following areas:

  • Searching and securing clearance of the selected trademark, so that to secure that same is not confusingly similar to any prior marks or other registered IP rights.
  • Filing, registering and maintaining clients’ trademarks before the Greek TMO, before EUIPO and around the world
  • Providing legal advice as to the most efficient way of management of clients’ trademark portfolio, including legal advice and assistance in preparing and registering license agreements, mergers and acquisitions, assignment agreements, enforcement of security interests
  • Providing protection and enforceability of trademark rights on any level of litigation proceedings, before the Trademark Committee and Administrative Courts, such as oppositions, interventions and invalidity actions, as well as before the Civil Courts, including the Supreme Court.

Vosemberg-Vretos Law Firm assists clients in the most efficient way to protect their innovations and secure under the provisions of the National and European patent Law their innovative ideas, either as a Patent or as a Utility Model.

Our team of specialized attorneys, technical advisors and legal expertise covers all areas of technology, biotechnology, chemistry, plant exploitation, mechanical, electrical, electronic, computer and telecommunication fields.

Vosemberg-Vretos Law Firm provides the prompt and reliable assistance in:

  • Filing patent and utility model applications
  • Drafting and preparing all required papers, including texts of specifications and related claims, to secure the most desirable and efficient way of protection of clients’ innovations domestically and internationally
  • Counseling on any legal issue that intersect with Patent Law
  • Enforcing and defending patents and utility models

Vosemberg-Vretos Law Firm is experienced in:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Copyright litigation
  • Copyright protection

For many decades, the legal team of Vosemberg-Vretos Law Firm has assisted clients in enforcing and protecting their rights in cases of copyright infringement.

Vosemberg-Vretos provides sophisticated services to companies and individuals as to how they can develop their copyright portfolio and enjoy the maximum protection provided by the Law.

Vosemberg-Vretos Law Firm’s high skilled IP attorney provide the legal panoply to clients in cases of unauthorized use of their IP rights, securing:

  • The exclusive rights of the inventors
  • The unique scope of the trademark to identify the origin of the products and services from the specific trademark owner
  • The right of the IP owner to control the reproduction of his artwork
  • The right of the IP owner to exploit economically and benefit from his artwork

Vosemberg-Vretos Law Firm is ideally seeking to offer legal advice on all the above matters. Working together with our Civil and Criminal Litigation team, we have represented clients in disputes arising from the infringement and the unfair exploitation of their trademarks, patents, trade dresses and design rights.

Vosemberg-Vretos Law Firm represents clients in all types of IP litigation proceedings, in the areas of patent, trademark, copyright, trade dress infringement/unfair competition/counterfeiting.

Our legal team focus on the specific needs of each case, searching and collecting electronically the most recent decisions issued with respect to IP litigation cases by the National or European Courts.

For many decades, we successfully litigate before the Administrative, Civil and Criminal Courts, including the Supreme Court.

We are proud on favorably resolving IP disputes by developing and applying to each case the most tailored strategy solution.

Trade Dress is as much valuable as a trademark. It can be in the form of a design, combination of letters or numbers, three dimensional objects, colors, shapes and the like.

Trade Dress can be registered and protected as a Trademark. Vosemberg-Vretos Law Firm provides the legal advice and practice required to assist clients in safeguarding and protecting the distinctive elements of their products and/or services.

Vosemberg-Vretos Law Firm offers services in the field of:

  • Registering a domain name
  • Renewing a domain name
  • Protecting a domain name

We have represented clients before the Hellenic Telecommunication Committee and the competent Courts in disputes against third parties-owners of domain names consisting an imitation and infringement of their trademarks.

We have successfully resolved matters of unauthorized filing/use of domain names by securing the transfer of such domains back to their trademark owners.

Vosemberg-Vretos Law Firm plays a significant role in assisting clients to successfully finalize all types of IP transactions, including:

  • Licensing
  • Acquisitions, mergers, assignments and any other changes in their legal corporate form
  • Security interests recordals
  • Distribution agreements
  • Franchising agreements

Our legal team is highly experienced with the specific needs and paperwork of any kind of commercial transaction, ready to provide a prompt and efficient advice.

Watching services play an important role in the maintenance and enforcement of a trademark.

Vosemberg-Vretos Law Firm watch services scope to timely alert clients to any potential problems, such as the filing of a conflicting trademark application and/or domain name, for the purpose of securing the timely filing of an opposition or an invalidation action.

Vosemberg-Vretos Law Firm watch services include:

  • National Trademarks
  • European Trademarks
  • International Trademarks

Our custom made electronic maintenance system, plays a significant role, in securing clients’ timely alert as to the renewal of their trademarks, designs, utility models and patents.

We represent many of our clients before the Greek Custom Authorities and work closely with them for the enforcement of their IP rights.

We overview seizures of imitative products made by the Customs and co-operate with the Greek Authorities for the final destruction of the seized counterfeit products.

Our lawyers, with the assistance of our expert team of private investigators, search the Greek market and the Internet to locate counterfeit products and provide accurate investigation services with respect to companies and individuals circulating imitative products.